My Name is Omar, a developer and designer based in Rome, Italy. I constantly take shifts between design and code with an enormous amount of passion for what I do. I literally spend almost all of my day on my desk reading, experimenting and putting a huge amount of effort and focus on my work. That’s because I strongly believe that quality is the most important side of my job. Quality is what survives through ages. No matter how much technologies evolve or how much design trends change, quality will always be noticed and respected.

My first job was time ago as an ActionScript Developer, right when Flash was the real shit. Then happened what happened and it all became a fugazi. That’s why I later moved to a more “standard” web, and here I am, scrubbing my beard around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I’m glad because of the switch if you’re asking, but that’s not because I survived as a web developer. It’s because I’m having fun. Essentially, if you haven’t noticed yet, all we are trying to do is to achieve the same things we used to do with Flash, this time with HTML. That’s the challenge.

I’m a geek at heart and the tools I use are very simple and powerful enough. The only IDE I use today is probably XCode which in my opinion is one of the most powerful if not the best. Objective-C is what keeps me going with OOP whenever I miss the old days of AS3. It gives me the satisfaction that JavaScript will never give me, no matter how modular I write my web apps.

I love doing short trips with my bike and I love Photography. To me, shooting pictures is like documenting of how wonderful everything around us is. From landscapes to objects to people. I tend to invest some money into photography equipment whenever I have a couple of extra bucks. If you are into photography too, believe me, expensive equipment really pays back.

I studied some music when I was a kid, the piano in particular. My parents strongly believed in me from an artistic point of view, but, though I loved it, I never took it as a real career. Later, I invested some time into producing real music and playing the piano professionally, but it never became a serious thing and now music is just a hobby as I play from time to time to keep my hands in shape. Technology pulled me back soon enough to enjoy and witness the booms of the Internet.

To me my job is like a religion and not just a way to keep the food on the table. I’m proud to be what I am today and I will always stand for what I do, no matter what.